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How Thigh-Squeezing Can Provide Instant Orgasms_1

“Thigh-squeezing “ (also known as Syntribation), is a masturbation method where in you squeeze or clench your thighs together until you reach a blissful climax. Why do girls get pleasure by thigh-squeezing? It provides pleasure due to the immense ...


It seems like our lives are filled with all sorts of things – never-ending work, constant social interactions, the ever-present phone, children, and the never-ending trivialities of life... The busy life makes us forget to "focus on ourselves," ...

Guide to Anal Sex Toys 1

Have you tried using anal toys yet? Do you like to try it? With people becoming more open to the sex, the acceptance of anal play is also increasing. More and more people are curious about anal toys and want to give them a try.

Nomi Tang Pride Month

In Europe, Pride celebrations are held throughout the year, with many countries hosting their events during the summer months. Nomi Tang has helped you listed the most popular pride celebration this year and don’t forget to save the date!

Samba 8

We are very proud to introduce our latest product, the lipstick-sized vibrator "Samba"! It is not only a compact vibrator that fits in every bag, but it also provides very powerful vibrations, features a heater function and it comes in a stunning design!