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Guide to Anal Sex Toys 1

A Beginner's Guide to Anal Sex Toys

Have you tried using anal toys yet? Do you like to try it?
With people becoming more open to the sex, the acceptance of anal play is also increasing. More and more people are curious about anal toys and want to give them a try.
The nerve endings on the inner wall of the anus are very rich, and stimulating the anus can bring people very thrilling sensation. For boys, the pleasure mainly comes from the stimulation of the prostate gland. For some girls who like the anal toys, it is because they like the anus to be enriched and indirectly stimulate the pleasure of the G-spot.
The male organs of reproduction

But because the inner wall of the anus is soft tissue, people cannot completely subjectively control the anal sphincter, so paying special attention to safety is needed during anal play.
If you're interested in anal stimulation and want to try it, but don't know how to do it, please read on.
When starting to experiment with anal toys, we recommend that you purchase sex toys that are designed for this purpose, instead of stimulating it with the daily necessities, this behavior is very dangerous, and many people have to go to the hospital for emergency treatment because they use the wrong thing to enter the anus.

Anal Sex Toys

What are anal toys?
As the name suggests, it is a sex toy designed to stimulate the anus. There are many different types (see as below), while anal plugs may seem like a fairly straightforward type of sex toy, there’re actually a lot of nuances to the shape, materials, and features. This is what makes the difference between an okay butt plug, and a great one. But to be safe, every anal toy needs a wide, secure base to prevent the toy from pulling up into your ass.

1. Anal beads
Anal beads are generally composed of several beads of different sizes increasing from small to large. The number of beads is not limited, and there are functions and no functions. When using, you can insert the beads into the anus one by one from small to large for your preferences, which will provide a sense of full sensation. Then pull them at different speeds depending on your desire. When the beads are pulled out, they stimulate sensitive nerve endings in the double ring sphincter, which brings a series of pleasurable sensations.

Anal Beads

2. Prostate massager
Prostate vibrators are similar to G-spot vibrators, but they are designed to stimulate the anus or P-spot. Prostate massagers are designed to fit the P-spot and stimulate the prostate area by vibrating, finger-motion or other functions, leading to deeply intense and unparalleled excitement. If you want to try more powerful and more exciting pleasure, perhaps try our P-SPOT WAVE. It is small, wearable and combines the functions of heating, wiggling, and vibration. Whether you are a beginner or advanced user, it will satisfy and increase your sensations.

Prostate Massager P-Spot Wave

3. Dildo
Anal dildos are usually in the shape of a real penis and vary in shape, size, material, and diameter to give a more realistic "penis insertion" feel; if you're new to it, it's generally recommended to start small sized dildos, use a lot of lubricant during use to ensure the safety and comfort of the anus, and start slowly until you find a more comfortable way for you.


4. Anal Plug
Originally designed for medical use, anal plugs are designed to be inserted into the rectum for sexual pleasure. Certain anal plug shapes lend themselves to specific use cases. There are four main parts to the anatomy of a butt plug you need to know about:

Anal Plug

  • The tip and shaft
Here are the pointed & tapered butt plugs and the rounded & bulbous plugs. The pointed & tapered butt plugs is the most common butt plug shape on the market, and for good reason: a tapered tip and shaft is the best shape for anal beginners. The rounded & bulbous plugs offer more stimulation, stretch, and a feeling of fullness.

  • The neck
The neck of your anal plug is incredibly important for comfort once the plug is inserted.

  • The base of the plug
The base of your butt plug is also an incredibly important, yet often overlooked aspect. Every anal toy needs a wide, secure base to prevent the toy from pulling up into your ass. If you are a beginner and want to try different sizes of butt plugs, our Fun-Plug-Set is one of your best choices: It contains the 2 plugs Plug-Me-In and Fun Plug RC, designed to rock your body by teasing and pleasuring your most sensitive areas.

Plug Me In

Plug Me In

has a weight of 99 grams featuring a unique tapered shape that provides internal sphincter stimulation with its ridges, and enhances the pressure on the prostate. Thanks to its loop handle, you can increase the fun and pleasure by moving the plug in and out and experiencing enhanced sensations with its soft ridges.
The round and bulbous shaped Fun Plug RC

Fun Plug RC

offers more stimulation, stretch and a feeling of fullness. And the perfect sized neck is ideal for wearing it comfortably at any time. With a remote control, powerful vibrations and a heating function, it provides a lot of features for a deep and spectacular stimulation.
How do you play the anal toys? 
Safety first! 
The anus is very delicate and fragile and can be easily injured, so safety is paramount when exploring anal play. 
Normally, the sphincter keeps your anus closed, and unlike other muscles that relax as quickly, it takes a bit of adaptation to expand enough to let the toy in. If you try to quickly insert and stimulate the sphincter, this small muscle has no time to respond and will resist you in a painful way. Pleasant anal sex games are based on the premise of relaxing the anus, rather than forcing it to "accept". 
So we recommend that you explore your anus with your fingers before going straight in: 
  • Do a good job of cleaning and trimming nails; 
  • Before insertion, apply plenty of lubricant on the anus and fingers; 
  • Start with one finger and massage in gentle, circular motions around the anus to relax the muscles 
  • Use one finger to open the anus when you are ready, and insert the other finger slowly, remember to keep relaxed 
  • After entering, keep your finger in it for about 1 minute, let the anus get used to its existence, and then slowly start to explore. 
Once you feel fully comfortable with your fingers, you can start exploring with smaller sized anal toys: 
The most important and necessary thing to use anal toys is more lubricant, because the anus does not secrete "lubrication", and it is very tight and fragile, so sufficient lubrication is very important.

How to insert

1. Cleaning: Rinse and clean your perianal area with warm water before starting, but it is not recommended for players who are using anal toys for the first time to lavage the anal area.
Warm water can relax the perianal sphincter for a more comfortable and pleasant experience.
2. Disinfection: Clean the toys with a professional toy cleaning spray before and after usage, then rinse with clean water and dry them.
3. Lubrication: the key and focus of using prostate toys: use as much lubricant as possible
4. Relaxation: Lie on your back on the bed or a comfortable place, then bend your legs to the chest, first use your fingers to gently massage the outside of the anus, and when you feel that the perianal muscles are not tight and clamped, you can try to insert your fingers.
5. Insertion: When you feel completely relaxed, you can try to insert the anal toy into the anus. Please apply enough lubricant before insertion. If you feel uncomfortable when you insert it for the first time, you can insert part of the product first, and go in and out back and forth. After the anus gets used to it, insert the product completely and try to retract and clamp it to feel the pleasure of expansion.

An anal toy can bring a deeply intense orgasm. It will make the prostate, sphincter, and pelvic floor muscles begin to contract and swell for incredible pleasurable sensations, which are amplified by anal toys for unspeakably intense pleasure!