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Unleash your Pleasure and Embrace Sensational Bliss with our new P-Spot Wave

We are delighted to announce the launch of our latest product from Nomi Tang - the P-Spot-Wave, an exceptional male stimulating toy!  

P-Spot-Wave boasts an ergonomic design, perfect for wearability, and features a moving shaft, powerful vibrations, a variety of stimulating patterns, and the added bonus of heating functions and a remote control. This exceptional combination is specifically designed to deliver a full prostate orgasm and provide pleasure that knows no bounds, wherever and whenever you desire. 

Waving motion 
A finger-like motion that massages the prostate, providing precise and deep pressure stimulation. 

Pleasure shape
Its tapered tip allows for easy insertion, while its bulbous shape provides pleasurable pressure directly to the prostate. 

Dual stimulation 
P-Spot-Wave features 2 powerful vibrating motors to pleasure the prostate and perineum simultaneously. 

With the heating function, the shaft can be warmed to your desired temperature

P-Spot Wave

A wearable stimulator for on the go 
The two quiet motors, the heater and the wireless control up to 8 meters are opening up endless pleasurable possibilities for solo or couples play. 

What inspired the creation of the P-Spot-Wave
We carefully studied our existing line of male products to leverage what we know our customers love - the strength and power of prostate stimulation. We then incorporated a unique waving motion that simulates strong and repeated pressure on the prostate. To enhance the fun for couples, we made sure to design it with a remote control. 

Who will benefit most from the P-Spot-Wave
We designed P-Spot-Wave for both hands-free play and wearable play. We have designed this exceptional toy for both hands-free and wearable play. Whether you are a first-time buyer or someone looking to expand and explore your existing pleasure practices, the P-Spot-Wave is perfect for you. 

P-Spot Wave

What kinds of pleasure can P-Spot-Wave deliver? 
Brace yourself for a sensational experience that combines intense pressing and powerful stimulation enveloping your entire body. 

Recommended P-Spot-Wave masturbation positions: 

Legs Raised: 
One of the classic positions, some even consider it the "best position" for prostate massage. Whether you're a beginner or experienced, many people enjoy this position because it allows for easier stimulation of the P-spot. When playing alone, slowly insert the P-Spot-Wave into the anus to explore the most stimulating part of the prostate P-spot. 
Note: When trying this position, make sure you are lying in a comfortable and safe place to avoid injury. You can also place a pillow underneath your buttocks to provide support and help your body relax. 
P-Spot Wave
Prone Position: 
Lie face down on the bed or any comfortable surface you prefer. While it may be less convenient to manipulate the toy in this position, it allows for the exercise of your PC muscles (similar to Kegel exercises), enabling you to have better control over your pelvic floor muscles and experience additional pleasure. 
P-Spot Wave
Side Entry Position: 
When you want to use the toy with a partner, the side entry position allows for simultaneous stimulation from the front and back, intensifying the pleasure. The external perineal stimulation end of the P-Spot-Wave can also provide tantalizing vibrations to your partner's sensitive areas, ensuring mutual enjoyment. (Note: Unsure if this effect exists, please consider whether to include it) When using the toy solo, this position can also exercise your posterior muscles, providing additional stimulating pleasure. 
P-Spot Wave
P-Spot Wave
Missionary Position: 
The P-Spot-Wave is also great for couples' play. When using it, give the remote control to your partner. Insert the P-Spot-Wave into your rectum and then have your partner enter your body, allowing them to control the pace of your climax. Enjoy the intimate connection and shared pleasure with your partner. 
P-Spot Wave
At Nomi Tang, we believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality pleasure products. We understand the importance of affordability and functionality in making our products appealing and accessible to a wide range of individuals. By offering reasonably priced products without compromising on quality or performance, we empower individuals to explore their desires without breaking the bank. Our aim is for everyone to have the opportunity to discover the transformative power of the P-Spot-Wave and revel in the pleasures it brings. 

We are excited to share the P-Spot-Wave with you and witness the incredible experiences it will provide. For the latest updates and information, please continue to follow our social media channels and visit our official website. 

We sincerely appreciate your unwavering support for the Nomi Tang brand. Our commitment is to consistently deliver innovative and accessible products that cater to your desires and bring you immense pleasure. Get ready to embark on a sensational journey with the P-Spot Wave! 

Warmest regards, 
Nomi Tang