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Nomi Tang - a brand for singles and couples with high expectations!

Brand Story

Nomi Tang’s empowering journey started from the curiosity for her body and the pleasure points she discovered. When she began feeling a lack of excitement from the delights of her fingertips and the toys available at that time, she encouraged herself to set the bar higher. In 2008, she created her own Nomi Tang brand to develop products to assist those craving for sexual pleasures in a way to be designed safe, intimate and exciting.

About Nomi

Nomi Tang is a cosmopolitan person passionately exploring the art of sensual seduction, committed to change the way the world views sex and self-pleasure. By promoting conversations that are transparent, truthful and empowering, she is able to shift the narrative towards body confidence with her beautiful, modern, safe and affordable sex toys. Improve your sex life with products that are Phthalate free, made of medical-grade silicone and 100% safe to use. Call off the search for mind-blowing orgasms and take control of what happens in the bedroom or anywhere. By incorporating quality adult toys into your sex life will not only provide you pure happiness, it will naturally open doors to intimacy and affection.

Nomi Tang is both creative spokesperson and inspirational role model for the sensual brand carrying her name. Friends describe her as a pleasure-seeking, creative and cosmopolitan individual, passionate to explore her senses. Visit her blog and make sure to connect with her on  Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Feel free to leave a comment or send her an email to get in touch: nomi@nomitang.com.


The collection of intimate products combines innovation, a bright and unique stylish design, ergonomics, intuitive control and safety which make them an ideal gift for your loved ones or yourself. Well-thought-out and critically acclaimed Nomi Tang products receive a lot of excellent reviews, win major design awards and leave many competitors behind. The Nomi Tang team is also proud of their packaging! A luxurious box guarantees a WOW effect during toy unboxing. The design and quality are of course of the highest Nomi Tang standards!


Our mission is to demystify sex and self-pleasure with high quality products that empower you to explore your body and reach various new levels of satisfaction.


For many people, sex can be a taboo and unfortunately, in society there has been a lot of shame surrounding the topic for many generations. At Nomi Tang, we envision a world where the topic of sex isn’t overwhelming. It is uplifting and insightful to learn how to enjoy your body. As we continue to expand our brand, we will remain committed to offering only the highest-quality toys and products to our customers while educating and informing them about sex, self-pleasure and everything in between.


“My Pleasure!”

Whether you're using intimate Nomi Tang toys solo or with your partner, you will definitely indulge in pleasure ... my pleasure!

Truly yours,