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Finding Happiness in “Me-Time” Moments

It seems like our lives are filled with all sorts of things – never-ending work, constant social interactions, the ever-present phone, children, and the never-ending trivialities of life... The busy life makes us forget to "focus on ourselves," lacking time to spend with ourselves, a period of #Metime that belongs to us.

In fact, the busier a person is, the more they need "#Metime."
The concept of "#Metime" is to pause amid busyness, find a period of time that belongs exclusively to oneself without external disturbances, without constraints, shedding multiple roles and returning to be "oneself", allowing to be in the most comfortable state.
If one spends their alone time buying household items, dealing with bills, shopping for their children and family, or meeting someone for tea but the conversation continues to revolve around which school the children attend or how their work is going... all of these are not truly one's own time.


But the real #Metime
is time that belongs to oneself, focused on oneself. It can be used to do things that have nothing to do with others, purely for one's own pleasure. It can also be a time of doing nothing, but wholeheartedly attending to one's own needs. Does this sound selfish to you?
I don’t think so.
Many women, due to societal, cultural, historical, and educational factors, often find themselves entangled in multiple roles and societal expectations. So-called Metime can often become "my time used to satisfy everybody, except myself."

Take some time for yourself.
Take some time to redirect your attention from the outside world to yourself. By briefly stepping away from the demands of life to adjust your mood and recharge, you can place yourself in the most comfortable state. When you re-engage with the daily grind, you may feel that life is gradually transitioning from a fragmented state into a complete and vibrant drop of water, filled with vitality and creativity.


#Metime can be anytime, anywhere.
Me time is about fully immersing yourself in your own state, shedding your roles, and being pure without any reason, anytime, anywhere.
It can be an aimless city walk, going to a café for a rich, aromatic coffee, practicing yoga or exercising, feeling the breeze, or visiting an art exhibition...
It can also be doing nothing, simply lying in bed, or basking in the sun as if you were a blanket...
Or you can do it just like Little Snail advocates: slowing things down and focus on self-pleasure. You can "slow down", take a moderate pause, take time to touch yourself and explore your body, enjoy the time alone, enjoy the joy of "slowmasturbation", and learn to be with yourself. Communicate emotions, gain self-understanding as well as physical and mental self-satisfaction....


You can even transform your daily shower time into a slow and enjoyable #Metime – with healing water temperature and soothing scents. Sometimes with Little Snail, you can feel its tingling vibrations throughout the body, and finally wrap it tightly around the clitoris and let it suck in deeply, feeling the pleasure of body pleasure and complete relaxation of your body and mind...
Afterwards, whether it's snuggling on the sofa to watch a show or simply crawling into a soft bed for a good night's sleep, it allows you to face the challenges of the next day in a better way.
No matter if you're a busy mom juggling a million things, a professional bombarded by work every day, or a socialite constantly on the move in various social circles... Regardless of your role, we hope you can find your own time, free from other considerations, just to bring joy to yourself, to take a deep breath, even if it's just a few minutes each day, and have your own #Metime.