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How Thigh-Squeezing Can Provide Instant Orgasms_1

How Thigh-Squeezing Can Provide Instant Orgasms

“Thigh-squeezing “ (also known as Syntribation), is a masturbation method where in you squeeze or clench your thighs together until you reach a blissful climax. 

Why do girls get pleasure by thigh-squeezing? 
It brings pleasure due to the immense indirect pressure that you can give to your clitoris. Since the clitoris has thousands of nerve endings, putting indirect pressure on the area by thigh-squeezing can bring sexual satisfaction. Some females also feel that their vaginal walls are moving against each other, which again brings sexual satisfaction on their end. 

How to get orgasm by squeezing or clenching your thighs?
It’s up to you if you want to sit down or lay down, just make sure you’re in a comfy spot. Start by crossing your legs. After that, squeeze your thighs. Feel that pleasurable pressure on your clit? Just keep going. You can also fill your mind with sexual thoughts or watch an erotic video to amp up the experience. Keep on squeezing your thighs until you feel a satisfying release/climax. Another method is by using some techniques. You can arouse your body by touching some sensitive areas and you can also use pillows, quilts in the middle of your inner thighs, and then you can rub it back and forth to make it easier to feel the stimulation. 

How to thigh-squeezing with sex toys?
Playing with toys while squeezing your legs can make your body more sensitive.


The thigh can drive the pelvic floor muscles to exert force. The personal experience of many girls playing with small toys is that if they want to climax faster, they should straighten their legs and clench them tightly. This is the reason.
There are many sucker toys in the market, but few are suitable for thigh-squeezing. They should be simple in shape and have no handles. It is best to be flat and easy to squeeze. Nomi Tang’s Little Snail perfectly meets all the above factors! Just put it in the middle of your thighs, and let it work as you squeeze your thighs.


Little Snail is very small overall, about the size of a girl's palm. It is also very light and thin. It is flat when viewed from the side, which means that you can easily squeeze thighs. Clench it, and there will be no uncomfortable feeling at all. Whether you squeeze it while sitting, lying down, or lying on your stomach, just put it in the middle of your thighs and use a little force to clench it for hands free stimulation.

The clitoris is one of the most sensitive parts . Subtle changes as you squeeze the thighs will bring about wonderful chemical reactions. If you want to feel a different experience when clenching the thighs, you can try adding the Little Snail to explore your favorite way.