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Tips for having great sex outdoors

The warm weather is upon us, and it is a perfect opportunity to explore some outdoor sex. When we were young, most probably we thought of the typical car sex positions with the windows getting steamy and as we become adults, we can expand that into all different scenarios. I was introduced many years ago by a partner who wanted the same kind of adventure to a lot of fun sneaking away to different locations.


Imagine lying under the stars late at night with your tent door unzipped

You and your lover are both naked under the sleeping bags. There is just enough coolness to the night air to drive you both under the warmth. Tent sex gives you a bit of coverage for outdoor sex while still allowing you a bit of privacy. The thought of other people hearing you have fantastic sex orgasm can keep you remembering for weeks. The Tease is a fun addition for this type of adventure; you can charge it up before you go off-grid. It will hold its vibration for a long time giving you many opportunities to play with each other. Some people like it hot, when I was younger, lying in a tent as it warmed up from the morning sun left me relaxed. One summer, my lover and I decided to do a weekend on a local river's sandbars. Our nights started filled with passion in our tent, but then one day, we overslept and woke up covered in a light sheen of sweat. It made me so wet when he went down on my morning vagina. The feel of his tongue slid all over my sweaty flesh while everyone was exploring around us; we were having outdoor sex. This situation was such a turn around for both of us.


There are many opportunities to work outdoor sex into your relationship that you will both enjoy.

Another favorite of mine is going deep into the woods, where the noise of the world lost to the natural silence. A few weeks ago, my lover and I took the Better Than Chocolate and went for a long hike in the woods. It was great to get away from all the bustle of society while knowing we would be enjoying each other at the top of the mountain. After a couple of miles, we stopped by a rushing creek, and the noise was relaxing while we teased each other in the cold water. I took out my Better than Chocolate while my lover teased my body. We were outside just the two of us; the warm air on our skin and the vibrator made me so wet. We had a great time both during our sex orgasms and on the way back to our car. We stopped every few miles, and I sucked his cock but refused to allow him to climax. There was a massive thrill of thinking about someone seeing us but a comfort in knowing we were far enough away from society.


Nomi Tang's least favorite public place for having sex

When I first started thinking about outdoor sex, the first place we went to was a local beach, which is my least favorite place for a few reasons. First off, I can not take my favorite toy due to the sand. Sand is not something I enjoy having in my body or on my partner. If you need a lubricant to make sex orgasm easier for you to obtain, the beach's environment with the wind and sand will probably cause you several issues. Many people have a fantasy about being on the beach with a roaring fire and the sound of waves. Live your sex life in your way; go to the beach and have an outdoor sex adventure.

What makes car sex 'HOT' for Nomi Tang

My favorite place is the car sex position. I can have my favorite toys, the Tease and Better Than Chocolate if they happen to lose their charge that is an easy fix with their USB plugin. When we are in the car, we can drive to all kinds of new locations and even relocate if needed due to crowds. When we are in nature, some bugs bite, and in the car, I can forget about all those itchy creatures. If we are out away from society, then I can get loud, which is always fun. In a car, several car sex positions give me the most pleasure. I do not have to worry about lubricant; it is exhilarating to be exposed to possibly getting caught. The best sex orgasms for me involve a car in a unique location. I will spend all afternoon contemplating the things I want to enjoy later with my lover. There are weekends when we go for long drives in the country I will start with my Better Than Chocolate vibrator as we travel we fantasize about what we want to do when we arrive.
Outdoor sex is a great way to incorporate different fetishes that open up communication and excitement in long term relationships. The places either those I highlighted above or anywhere your imagination take you to create the excitement of the moment and memories to think back on for years. Often women have issues with sex orgasm utilizing an exciting place with a high-quality vibrator like the Tease, or the Better Than Chocolate can heighten your pleasure. If you have issues with dryness, make sure you bring a bottle of Liquid Aqua Based lubricant; it will remove any anxiety about having problems with your body produced lubrication.