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How to Maintain a Healthy Vagina

A woman's vagina is a delicately balanced environment that is, if not taken care of, can cause discomfort. Our bodies are PH balanced for specific functions in the case of our vaginas, which means more on the acidic side. The PH scale goes from Acid 0-7 and Base 7-14. A healthy vagina falls between 3.5 to 4.5. Everything we do affects that balance from the foods that we consume to the products that we use. Turn on the TV and woman are bombarded with products to enhance their already perfect bodies. How to have a healthy vagina, means starting with the basics of a healthy body. The best way to take care of your vagina is to take care of yourself—foods and food-like products consumed impact all systems. Higher quality nutrient-dense foods give us the necessities. 

Tips For a Healthy Vagina

Our bodies, including our healthy vaginas, need water; it is the carrier of nutrients, lubrication to keep down harmful bacterial growth and what makes sex fun. Another tip for a healthy vagina is maintaining our natural lubrication. Our bodies produce a lubricant that is superior to anything humanmade, so drink your water. The recommended amount is one to two liters per day; some people can handle more others can not, listen to what your body says. 
What we eat makes a significant difference in the chemical makeup of our bodies. Any food that contains live probiotics, including plain yogurt, will help balance the healthy bacteria. Stick to healthy fats such as avocado, olive oil, and nuts. We need calcium, but the best way is through the food we put in our mouths, such as kale and spinach. Supplements do not give our bodies the same benefits as real food. Over processed foods increase inflammation, and that is harmful to healthy vaginas.  

The Bad Stuff

When it comes to bad foods, some are more harmful than others! We all like the bad stuff from time to time. Processed foods create inflammation in the body and disrupt the delicate balances of our lady parts. Sugar promotes the growth of fungus and bacteria; almost all processed foods have an excessive amount. Food manufacturers use sugar in many ways; it adds flavor, balances acidic natures, and hides unwanted flavors. Alcohol should be limited to a few per week.. 


Exercises To Tighten Your Vagina

Our bodies change with our lives from childbirth to getting older, but there are ways to give ourselves vagina rejuvenation. Exercises to tighten the vagina include pelvic muscle exercise can help with the bedroom but can also help with embarrassing conditions such as leaking urine or pain in the pelvic regions. The vagina muscle can be strengthened with a few daily exercises. You can do exercises without assistance, but IntiMate and IntiMate Plus offer healthy options. 
The IntiMate line is different than other kegel balls through innovative design. Kegel is a set of exercises designed to strengthen the pelvic muscles.  Many kegel balls on the market are round; this is not a natural form of our healthy vaginas. IntiMate and IntiMate Plus are oval with soundless weighted balls to facilitate exercise for pelvic muscles. The design of the IntiMate system was to progress through the rejuvenation of a healthy vagina. IntiMate and IntiMate Plus offers a progression of increasing weight. 
The Kegel exercise is basically 2 steps, and it is the only exercise to tighten a vagina you need. This exercise has been around for a long time, but recently more attention has been given—the exercises to tighten a vagina consist of contracting the vagina muscles. You squeeze the muscles as if you are stopping urine flow, then you release the vagina muscles. Kegel, if done regularly, can assist with "sneeze peeing," other urinary problems, including a frequent need to go, and can assist in giving you a more intense orgasm. 

You can do these exercises to tighten the vagina without assistance, but using Kegel balls will give you a passive increase in vagina muscle tone. Muscles in the bodywork in the same manner, if they are stretched or not used regularly, they will lose tone. Just thirty minutes a day with exercises to tighten the vagina, and there will be a noticeable difference in the vagina muscle. 
The IntiMate and IntiMate Plus also contribute to sexual pleasure. You can insert them during foreplay, use them in conjunction with oral sex, and a slight tug on the cord will cause the ball to bounce. 
Personal care is often overlooked by women and that lack of care impacts all aspects of their lives. A healthy diet, plenty of water, the correct nutrients, and pelvic muscle exercise keep all aspects of our sexual lives pleasurable.