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How to Have A Good Sex Life Whilst Dealing With Endometriosis

Society often places burdens on women about their sexuality from the labels placed on us to the terms used. There are times when our bodies betray us, as in the case of endometriosis. Medically this means that tissue similar to that shed during menstruation can grow in other parts of the body. As with all medical conditions, endometriosis can lead to some severe issues. Women are sexual creatures. We enjoy our sexuality as much, if not more than men. Education of this condition can free a woman to explore her orgasms. 
Endometriosis is most identified by the pain it causes and the more substantial flow it produces. It can be challenging for lovers to understand the issues created by this, sometimes crippling medical illness. Healthy sex life can help reduce the anxiety and stress brought on by a period cycle. There are over the counter drugs that can ease the intense pain as well as homeopathic usage of heat and baths. During the time of menstruation, a woman can utilize clitoris stimulation to release endorphins for a natural pain reliever. 

Sexual Partners Matter

An empathetic sexual partner can make a significant difference in how you view your sexuality. A balance between someone who understands that chronic pain can stop your sense of sexuality without making you feel dysfunctional. Chronic pain from any illness can cause debilitating problems, but when it comes to a part of your sexuality, the mental impact can be significant. Understanding endometriosis while learning to live your life on your terms is empowering. Sexual exploration with your partner can change how you react to your disease. A sexual partner that enjoys mutual discovery of stimulation, including clitoris orgasms, relieves anxiety brought on by endometriosis. 

Preparing Changes Exploration

Movies teach us that sex should be in the moment, but often with chronic conditions, a bit of preparation leads to better orgasms. There is something to be said about rituals in life and how they can enhance moments. Making sure that pain medication is taken in advance so that it is working before intercourse. A nice warm bath or utilizing heat can reduce the intensity of cramps as well as pelvic pain. Talking with a physical therapist can teach you the skills to relax the muscles of the vaginal walls. 

Exploring Sexuality Beyond Penetration

Men are shown in acts of self-stimulation or oral stimulation. Women are rarely depicted as being stimulated beyond penetration. There are a number of ways that partners can give each other orgasms that go beyond missionary. Giving your partner pleasure on your terms can be stimulating. Intimacy can be a massage or tease instead of concentrating on your sexual limitations, explore the world of sexuality. 

Sex Life with Endometriosis


Your Vibrator Is Your New Best Friend

A vibrator can free a woman to understand her orgasms. Women are often subjected to thinking that sexuality is only with a partner. You can learn a lot from private time with clitoral stimulation. There is a physical difference between clit orgasm and penetration orgasm. For each woman, the way her body reacts to the different types of orgasms should be an adventure. 
Utilizing private masturbation time allows you to learn how to stimulate your clitoris. Some women enjoy strong vibrations with intense pressure against the pelvis. Other women desire a slight touch that builds the intensity. Whatever your clitoris stimulation is your vibrator should be part of your sensuality. A clit orgasm is sexually freeing due to allowing you to give your partner pleasure. You can have your orgasm on your terms, even if that is after your partner.

Choosing The Right Vibrators

Nomi Tang offers several fantastic choices for clitoris stimulation. The Power Wand offers powerful vibrations at the clit but not in your hand. Many vibrators cause hand fatigue through the whole toy vibration. The Power Wand is lightweight without unwanted transfer of sensation. It offers an elegant design that delivers beyond the affordable price. You can choose from several colors to complement your personal choice. 

Sex Life with Endometriosis


Looking for something smaller? Check out the Better Than Chocolate Classic or Better Than Chocolate 2. Both these vibrators are small portable with clit orgasms deliverance. The Better Than Chocolate 2 is more compact and comes in several more colors than the original. 
Nomi Tang adult sex toys all come with a rechargeable battery gone are the days of buying batteries for playtime. They are water-resistant up to one meter, which means you can enjoy a relaxing bath and private masturbation. The Power Wand and Better Than Chocolate are constructed of medical-grade silicone to offer years of pleasure. 
Endometriosis is a painful condition that impacts your life, but it does not have to control your sexuality. Through the use of modern medicine, homeopathic treatment, and sexual exploration, you can gain control of your disease. Clitoris stimulation allows you to find your perfect clit orgasm whatever day of the month. 
The release of endorphins is a natural pain reliever of the body. The act of tensing up during an orgasm can help muscles in the pelvic area relax.